It's been a year full of timeless art, new discoveries and meaningful experiences at the Rubin Museum of Art. As we look back on 2016, we’re grateful for our vibrant community and your ongoing support in the coming year.

January Do you control your emotions, or do your emotions control you? During Brainwave: Emotion, neuroscientists talked about their feelings with guests like Questlove, Sigourney Weaver, Zachary Quinto, and Parker Posey.

February Welcoming the year of the Fire Monkey, families flocked to the Rubin for art activities, music, and traditional celebrations during Losar, the Himalayan New Year.

March More than 1,000 visitors offered their own small personal objects for display in Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Try to Altar Everything. The artist made spontaneous personal appearances and special performances throughout the run of the interactive exhibition.

"Everyone can make their life more fulfilling by looking at everything as sacred."

-- Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

April One year after earthquakes devastated Nepal, we collectively honored the region’s cultural heritage and stunning art in Honoring Nepal, a collaborative online exhibition.

May Mother nature. Human nature. Visitors experienced how the changing seasons impact our lives and art in Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual.

June Our community of 4,000 members provided invaluable support to the Museum, attended celebrations and exclusive programming, and enlivened our galleries and theater.

"There’s a real ‘community’ feel about everything, which runs so counter to most other institutions. Everything is done with wonderful stylistic flair and grace."

– Marcie G., Member since 2004

July A hot summer afternoon celebrating the monsoon! More than 4,000 visitors attended our annual Block Party on 17th Street.

August Breathe. This simple reminder permeated our weekly mindfulness meditation sessions, an urban yoga retreat, and many more mind/body programs throughout the year.

September Maps. Photographs. Paintings. Viewmasters. Visitors explored Tibet’s historic capital city in Monumental Lhasa: Fortress, Palace, Temple.

"I love the gorgeous space as a sanctuary in the middle of noisy, chaotic NYC. I can pop in anytime as a member, even for just a few minutes, to recharge and enjoy beauty."

- Carol E., Member since 2007

October We stayed up late, from our annual Gala and After-Party to the Dream-Over, where guests slept beneath timeless works of art.

November Flapping prayer flags. Chanting monks. Strong gusts. Soundwalk Collective brought us the immersive sounds of the high Himalayas in Sacred Spaces: Himalayan Wind.

December Head, heart, or gut - which is the wisest part of you? Guests like Ilana Glazer, Krista Tippett and Steve Buscemi analyzed The Wisdom Matrix in our engaging on-stage series.

Image credits
  • COVER: Bodhisattva Akashagarbha (detail) Tibet; ca.18th century; pigments on cloth; 29 1/8 x 17 1/4 in.; Rubin Museum of Art; C2003.11.2 (HAR 65280).
  • JANUARY: Photographs by: Lyn Hughes, Andrew Kist, Filip Wolak.
  • FEBRUARY: Photograph by Michael Palma.
  • MARCH: Photographs by Jeff Schock, David De Armas.
  • APRIL: Photographs by Kiran Man Chitrakar, Gautama Vajracharya.
  • MAY: Flying Naga (detail), Nepal or Tibet; 14th century; gilt copper alloy; repoussé 13.75” h. x 15.625” w. x 2” d.; Rubin Museum of Art C2005.16.18 (HAR 65441).
  • JUNE: Photographs by Filip Wolak, Michael Seto.
  • JULY: Photograph by Andrew Williams.
  • AUGUST: Photograph by Filip Wolak.
  • SEPTEMBER: Photograph by David De Armas.
  • OCTOBER: Photographs by Michael Seto, Tashi Chodron.
  • NOVEMBER: Photograph by Dashka Gabriel.
  • DECEMBER: Photograph by Andrew Kist.
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